Couples I wouldn’t mind shipping!

SUJI (Suho/Eunji) They are just simply adorable with each other! How can you not love them?

HYOKAI (Hyoyeon/Kai) Two dancing machines who are both sexy on stage and cute/sweet off stage will make up perfection! And you can just see that smile on Hyoyeon face when Kai laid a hand over her shoulder ^_^

D.O/Kim Yoojung  We never got to see too much of these two. But simply looking through the Ivy Club videos has melted my heart, and these two out of all the other pairings in the photo shoot such as Suho/Yoojung & Kai/Yoojung just stood out the most ^v^ Truth is, she isn’t that much younger than him right? …

BAEKYEON (Baekhyun/Taeyeon) Yes, I know this is a real couple now, which I am sincerely happy for. They match each other so perfectly, how can anyone even hate them? Me who is not even Baekhyun biased or Taeyeon biased loves/supports them!